Aluminium for CNC Machining Prototyping

Aluminium is a lightweight material. It is essentially non-magnetic, which makes aluminum suitable for CNC machining. It has a low deformation coefficient, high dimensional stability, and impact resistance. Therefore, aluminum and aluminum alloys can maintain accurate dimensions under different conditions (such as temperature fluctuations, external shocks, etc.).

The most commonly used aluminium alloys are 6061-T6 and 7075. With the popularity of energy saving and environmental protection, soft aluminum components have a high degree of plasticity and recyclability, making them the best choice for mechanical applications. On the contrary, if the aluminum element is mixed with other elements such as magnesium, silicon, copper, and zinc, they can form an aluminium alloy after heat treatment. Aluminum alloy has good strength, super hard aluminum alloy can reach 600 Mpa, and the tensile strength of the ordinary hard aluminium alloy is 200-450 Mpa. It has been widely used in manufacturing.

Aluminium 6061-T6
Aluminum 6061-T6 is corrosion-resistant, with good strength and uniformity. Among aluminum parts, 6061-t6 is mainly used for material processing, which is not easy to deform and has almost no tolerance problems. During the processing of aluminum parts, good post-oxidation treatment effects can be achieved.
Aluminium 7075

The aluminum 7075 aluminum plate is Al-Zn-Mg-Cu. Good series of super duralumin and it has good mechanical properties and wear resistance and can be quickly processed. Aluminum parts processing also has good anodic oxidation treatment and anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation properties. 7075 aluminum is a typical material used in the aviation industry with complex structure and high precision.

Aluminium 2024

Aluminum 2024 has high heat resistance, impact resistance and fatigue resistance, so it is used in military and aerospace applications.

Aluminium 5052

Aluminum 5052 has strong chemical resistance and corrosion resistance. It is not heat-treatable, so it can be used in marine applications.

Aluminium 6063

It is a heat-treatable alloy with high weldability and durability, and can be used to manufacture complex parts.

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