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CNC Aluminum Part

CNC Aluminum Machining Services

RpProto is a reliable 3-axis and 5-axis CNC aluminum machining service provider in Xiamen, China. We have comprehensive knowledge of the CNC machining needs for specific aluminum and cutting-edge facilities. RpProto can help you with your demands, whether you need an intricate part created from a 3D drawings or want the finished product to be displayed at a high-level conference.

Finely machined aluminum parts are now commonly used in industrial, medical, and aeronautical engineering.You need to work with skilled aluminum machining services provider like RpProto due to the importance of the applications where aluminum components are used.


RpProto is your one-stop solution for high-quality parts; from prototype to end-part assembly, we offer on-demand machining & manufacturing that is simple & quick.

CNC Aluminum Machining Part
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CNC Aluminum Machining Process

CNC Milling

RpProto provides high-precision CNC milling services for prototype, small-batch production, and large-scale manufacturing. Our machine workshop has a fleet of CNC milling machines with three, four, and five axes that can produce elaborate and sophisticated items using spindles and cutting tools that move along the X, Y, and Z axes. Such machines provide simultaneous cuts on the various axes for more intricate shaping and speedier output.

CNC Milling Aluminum Part

CNC Turning

We provide precise CNC turning services for various spare components in multiple sizes. We can offer threading, drilling, tapping, shape turning, etc., due to our wide range of turning machining equipment and capabilities. It is appropriate for both high-volume manufacturing and prototyping.

We are experts in threading, hexing, live tooling, contoured turning, linear turning, and taper turning. We can attain excellent CNC Drilling quality thanks to our sophisticated CNC turning capabilities.

CNC Precision Machining 

Precision CNC machining services from RpProto enable us to produce high-quality, on-demand aluminum machined parts. We work with cutting-edge CNC machines with live tooling, Maestro CAM, CNC control, bar feeders, and offline programming, among other capabilities.

Aluminum Machining Application

Aviation, aerospace, military, communication equipment parts

Aviation, aerospace, military, communication equipment parts

Mechanical Equipment Parts

Mechanical Equipment Parts

Medical equipment, fixtures, model parts

Medical equipment, fixtures, model parts

Chassis, Radiator Parts

Chassis, Radiator Parts

Aluminum Materials

ly12 hard aluminum

Due to its superior mechanical qualities, aluminum alloy is one of the most widely used metals. They consist of low cost, softness, longevity, and resistance to corrosion.

Aluminum 6061

This grade is among the most widely used aluminum classes because of its mechanical solid and weldability qualities. Due to its characteristic qualities, including good toughness, moderate to high strength, excellent damage tolerance under challenging conditions, quick anodization, and outstanding workability, aluminum 6061 is the extruded grade used most frequently. In addition, five-axis CNC machining makes heavy use of aluminum 6061.

Aluminum 7075

Aluminum 7075 is a standard grade. Excellent fatigue resistance is a well-known characteristic of aluminum 7075. However, this grade is among the most costly and difficult to weld. As a result, it is most frequently utilized for durable components like aircraft wings and airframes, bicycle parts, and mountain climbing gear. Compared to aluminum 2000 alloys, this alloy offers more excellent corrosion resistance. Oil lubricants are typically used in machine operations.

Aluminum 2024

This alloy has strong fatigue life, good strength, and thermal shock sensitivity, making it a popular choice for aerospace and military surveillance. Both welding and corrosion resistance is weak for aluminum 2024.

Aluminum 5052

This non-heat treatable alloy is frequently used to construct machine parts and parts for usage in saltwater conditions. Marine, sea, and industrial settings are well-suited for aluminum 5052. The alloy is simple to punch, bend, and shear into your desired forms.

Aluminum 6063

This alloy's outstanding mechanical characteristics include ease of welding, heat treating, and durability. Applications involving aluminum extrusion require aluminum 6063. This alloy is frequently used in applications like door frames, glass panels, sign frames, roofing, etc., to create complicated designs with gentle slopes.

Advantages of Aluminum Material


Aluminum alloy is a lightweight metal that is roughly one-third the weight of steel, making it easier and less expensive to carry than most metals.


Aluminum’s strength can be modified using different alloying elements to offer superior advantages, such as more muscular strength or simpler machinability.

Corrosion Protection

Aluminum is a corrosion-resistant metal that produces a protective barrier of aluminum oxide on its own, which aids in preventing corrosion on the metal's surface.

Unscented and non-toxic

Since aluminum is non-toxic, it can be used in delicate industries that produce food, medicines, and packaging.

Temperature Conduction

It is a great heat conductor and is a heatsink in various applications, including computer motherboards, LED lights, and electrical goods.


After the proper coloring treatment, anodizing can considerably raise the corrosion resistance of aluminum, enhance surface durability and wear resistance, and have good ornamental features.

RpProto Guarantee the Highest Quality for Aluminum Machining Services

We are quality-oriented, which is one of our significant competencies. RpProto is accountable for the caliber of your products. At each stage of the procedure, we’ll explore and double-check all the variations to guarantee the level of quality you want.

Selecting the ideal raw materials and alloys for manufacturing is the first step in our process to guarantee quality. Our team begins by examining the raw materials to see whether they are appropriate for your project.

The second is our cutting-edge CNC machinery. These completely autonomous computer-run devices are capable of magic and can create whatever forms you need. The accuracy is flawless and clean.

The third is our skilled personnel and engineers. They put forth a lot of effort to deliver what you requested.

Our quality assurance team is the fourth step. When you place your order, our QC team gets to work. We examine the quality before the manufacture is complete. We ensure that the quality is at its highest throughout every process stage.

Finally, before transferring the finished items to you, we do one more inspection after completing quality control. And to ensure that you receive the best possible items and are completely satisfied, our excellent quality control staff examines the goods from every possible viewpoint. 

Why choose RpProto?

ISO Certified

Our ISO accreditation proves that we are dedicated to providing the best components.

An Excellent Facility

Over the years, we have made investments in both resources and equipment. Therefore, all machining is done within the company. In addition, we continually upgrade technology because we are enthusiastic about CNC machining and want to ensure that our products are precise and accurate.

Best-in-Class Customer Service

Are you sick and tired of companies ignoring your quote requests? We strive to respond to you in minutes, not hours.

Affordable Prices

As a result of our efficiency and leanness, we can save you money. Our platform of partner manufacturers in the UK and abroad ensures that we get the cheapest pricing for your project.

Speedy Turnaround

We work rapidly to guarantee that your ideas and products are introduced to the market promptly and on schedule, from the initial proposal to the delivered components.

Extreme Flexibility

We take pride in the fact that we are not an automated platform that enables us to produce sophisticated projects that others are unable to.

Contact Us

RpProto can readily assist you whether you need a precisely machined and robust part for your aircraft components or a medical device component. Contact us immediately if you want more information about our aluminum CNC or other metal machining services.

We can quickly complete even the most challenging production projects. Since we have years of expertise supplying a variety of industries with exacting quality standards for aluminum components.

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