Surface Finishing for
CNC Machining Parts

Anodizing & Chromate Plating

RpProto provides a wide range of surface finishing services to supplement our CNC Prototyping, such as Anodizing,Bead Blasting,Powder Coating,Electroplating.


It is typically used on machined aluminum parts to reduce corrosion and add an appealing metallic coloring. Anodizing is a scratch-resistant coating that is both a natural electrical insulator and one of the most durable finishes.

Materials: aluminum,      magnesium,    titanium.
Texture: Smooth,  matte finish.
Thickness: 1.8 μm to 25 μm (0.00007″)

  • Type I :             Basic type,  using chromic acid to produce a thin and ductile anodized layer on an aluminum part
  • Type II :           Utilizes sulfuric acid to produce a thicker anodized layer on a part, making it for a variety of visual effects
  • Type III:         Known as “hard anodizing”.  Also uses sulfuric acid, but produces a thicker anodized layer, is for surfaces that need to be extra hard
  • Chemical Film / Alodine:      Entails coating part with alodine to produce results that are comparable to anodization
Anodized Prototypes
Anodized Parts
Electroplating parts
plating parts


Electroplate a single metal or a combination of metals onto parts  to increas strength, lifespan, and conductivity of parts.

Materials: Aluminum,  Steel,  Stainless Steel
Plate type: Zinc, Nickel, Electroless Nickel
Texture: Smooth,  glossy finish

Bead Blasting

Bead blasted parts  have a smooth surface with a matte texture.

Materials: ABS, Aluminum, Brass, Stainless Steel,  Steel
Texture:  Matte
Standards:  Sa1, Sa2, Sa2.5, Sa3

bead blasting
plating parts
powder coating-1
plating parts

Powder Coating

On the surface of parts, powder coating creates a long-lasting, wear-resistant, and corrosion-resistant layer. Powder coating can be used to colour items and is suitable for usage on any metal.

Materials: Aluminum,  Stainless Steel,  Steel

Texture: Gloss or semi-gloss


Used on metals where a series of tiny parallel lines are scratched onto the surface with a wire brush or polishing tool

Materials: ABS, Aluminum, Brass, Stainless Steel, Steel
Texture: satin
Standards:  Sa1, Sa2, Sa2.5, Sa3

Brushing stainless steel
plating parts
Sanding & polishing
plating parts


Get smooth surface by removing cutting marks or printing marks. It is prepare your parts for later painting and plating. For a variety of metallic effects, we can provide brushed and satin surfaces, as well as optically clear polishes on transparent acrylics.

Materials : Aluminum,  Brass,  Stainless Steel,  Steel
Texture: Glossy
Types: Mechanical polishing, chemical polishing

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