Pressure Die Casting

From Prototyping to 10000+ Production Parts

Pressure Die Casting

From Prototyping to 10000+ Production Parts

Die Casting Service

Aluminum Die Casting Product

As one of the best One-stop-service Prototyping manufacturers in China, we offer low-volume pressure die casting service to our customers. Due to our extensive experience, after tens of years of close collaboration with hundreds of casting companies, we developed relationships with the suppliers as our stable partners, who can meet our quality and lead time requirements.

Our high-pressure die casting service can use materials including aluminum, zinc, magnesium and brass etc. Our excellent inspection and testing equipment ensures the quality of your finished parts. We can take any project needs you may have – from small batches of 100 to as many as 1,000 pieces.

You are welcome to take advantage of our comprehensive service at a reduced rate. Please do not hesitate to contact our engineering team for a free quote.

What is Pressure Die Casting Service ?

High-pressure die casting is a method in which molten metal is pushed under pressure into a tightly closed metal die cavity and kept there by a powerful press until it hardens. After solidification of the metal, the die is unlocked, opened, and the casting ejected. After removal of the casting, the die is closed and locked again for the next cycle.

It is a widely used process  for fabricating structural components.

Advantages of Die Casting

Large Parts

Especially suited for medium or large metal parts that would be slower and more expensive to machine

Complex Geometries

More Complex geometries can be manufactured that require little or no post-machining

Good Furface Finish

Good surface finish and dimensional accuracy

Reduced Cost

The moulds are durable and can make tens of thousands of parts, thus reducing unit cost prices

Applications of Die Casting

Aluminum die-casting products are characterized by high quality, light weight, high hardness. As a result, die-cast aluminium products are widely employed in the automotive industry. For instance, Heat sink for auto headlights, Gearbox housing, Engine cooling fan, Gear shift lever housing, Coolant pump housing, Water pump housing and end cover, Auto air condition housing.

Supply Ability 50000 Piece/Pieces per Month


Aluminum :

ADC12,         ADC10,            A360,        A356,

A380,          A413,                B390,         EN47100,


Zinc :Zmark3,   Zmark5,   ZDC3
Brass :HPb59-1,   HPb62-1
Surface treatment : Anodizing,            Powder Coating,             E-coating,         Sand blasting,     Tumbling,                        Chromating

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