PEEK CNC Machining

PEEK, also known as polyether, is a high-performance engineering thermoplastic. PEEK is a great lightweight substitute for most soft metals in high-stress/high-temperature applications. The material is very strong, wear resistant, and abrasion resistant. PEEK, with a melting point of 343°C, can withstand high temperatures: it can be used continuously up to 250°C in hot water or steam without permanent loss of physical properties.

Glass-filled PEEK is a high-performance plastic with high rigidity, strength, and toughness. Its capacity to maintain dimensional stability even in hostile thermal and chemical environments is improved by the inclusion of glass fibres. This material is frequently utilised in the aerospace, automotive, medical, chemical, semiconductor, and microwave industries.

PEEK plastic is usually divided into two categories: industrial and medical.

Features of PEEK:

  • Corrosion resistance, anti-aging
  • Anti-dissolution
  • Both toughness and rigidity
  • High temperature resistance
  • Good wear resistance, antistatic and electrical insulation performance
  • High strength

PEEK Properties


Tensile StrengthElongation at BreakHardnessDensityMaximum Temperature
14,000 psi20%Rockwell R1250.047 lbs / cu. in.480° F

PEEK (30% Glass Filled)

Tensile StrengthElongation at BreakHardnessDensityMaximum Temperature
14,000 psi3%Rockwell R1260.054 lbs / cu. in.480° F

CNC Machining

PEEK CNC Machined Parts 1
ABS Machining Parts
Precision machining PEEK plastic allows for the creation of complex, high-tolerance parts, with excellent mechanical properties, accuracy.

RpProto offer 3-axis and 5-axis CNC PEEK plastic machining services including milling, turning. It is capable of producing components efficiently in both prototyping and large volume runs.


         With drawing: as low as +/- 0.005 mm

         No drawing: ISO 2768 medium

Applications of PEEK Plastics

It has been used in aerospace, automotive manufacturing, electrical and electronic, medical and food processing and other fields.

Industrial-grade PEEK plastic is used in the aerospace, automotive, chemical, electronics, and energy industries, while medical-grade PEEK plastic is used in healthcare and dentistry.


The growth of PEEK resin in the market, especially in the auto parts market, is the fastest, especially in the parts around the engine, transmission parts, steering parts, etc., which use PEEK plastics instead of some traditional high-priced metals as manufacturing materials. Demand for PEEK resins will continue to grow as the automotive industry adapts to miniaturization, lightweighting and cost reduction. A European model has 44 parts that use PEEK plastic instead of traditional metal products.

Medical Instruments

Because PEEK can withstand repeated autoclaving, it can be used in medical equipment to manufacture endoscope parts, dental descaling devices, etc. In addition, due to the high strength and low dissolution of PEEK, it has been used in liquid chromatography columns, tubes, accessories, etc. for instrumental analysis. Moreover, because PEEK has good compatibility with the human body, it has successfully replaced the traditional titanium metal as an artificial bone material.

Office Machinery Parts

For the separation claws, special heat-resistant bearings, chains, gears, etc. of copiers, when PEEK resin is used instead of metal as their material, the parts can be lightweight, fatigue-resistant, and can be lubricated without oil.

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