Materials used in Vacuum Casting include thermoplastics, rubbers and resins, all of which can emulate specific properties and characteristics including :Surface texture,Transparency, Rigidity, Strength, Hardness, Temperature resistance, Colour.

The materials used in Vacuum Casting can simulate the following production materials and properties:

The following is a list of the most often used casting resins at RpProto. If you have any particular needs that are not met here, please let us know and we will special purchase any commercially available resin for you.

Vacuum Casting Polyurethane

ABS–like Materials

ABS-like material is the most commonly used material in vacuum casting and can be used in various applications.
It has good dimensional stability, good toughness, rigidity, and impact strength, excellent chemical resistance.

PX 2017 HT
PX 100
ReferencesHardness (shore)Strength (MPa)Elongation (%)Tg (°c)Colour
Hei-CAST PU8150 84D73MPa16%85°cAmber,white and black
Hei-CAST PU8160 83D67MPa15%115°cAmber,white and black
Axson UP428081D84MPa13%93°cDark Amber
Axson PX 10074D40MPa20%75°cWhite/Black
Axson PX215 65-74D40MPa20%75°cWhite/Black
Axson PX 52780D73MPa13%80°cWhite/Black
Axson PX 223 HT80D 60MPa11%>120°cblack
Axson PX 245 / PX245L*85D85MPa 3%95°coff white

PU 8150 : ABS-Like

 Key features:

  • Well-balanced physical properties 
  • excellent cure properties 
  • superior dimensional stability 
  • high practical strength

Applications: It is suitable for all purpose of prototypes and final products.

PU 8160 : ABS-Like

 Key features:
  • approaches closer to the physical properties of ABS.
  • improved elongation and is more difficult to break.
  • improved in its hardening property at low temperatures.It can therefore be demolded with the slightest fear of cracks or deformation.
  • Tough resin layers with excellent heat and impact resistance can be obtained.
Applications: It is suitable for all purpose of prototypes and final products.

PX 100 : ABS-Like

 Key features:

  •  Low viscosity
  • Long pot-life
  • Good mechanical properties
  • Can be painted

For prototype parts whose mechanical properties are close to those of thermoplastics

PX 215 : ABS-Like

 Key features:

  • High reproduction accuracy
  • Can be easily pigmented with colouring CP
  • Low aggressive against silicone toolings

For prototype parts whose mechanical properties are close to those of thermoplastics

PU 4280 : ABS-Like

 Key features:

  • Easy processing
  • High mechanical properties
  • Good heat resistance up to 100°C

For ABS type prototype parts

PX 223 HT: ABS-Like

 Key features:

  • Low viscosity.
  • Good impact resistance.
  • High temperature resistance.
  • Temperature stability up to 110°C.

ABS-like prototype parts for small production runs in vacuum casting machines. 

PX 245 / PX 245 L : ABS-Like, FILLED PP

 Key features:

  • Filled.
  • Very short demoulding time.
  • Very rigid.
  • Good abrasion resistance. 


For all parts requiring high stiffness in flexion. The right answer to mould parts for coping machines, printers and all electronic devices. 

Similar to P.O.M. and filled thermoplastics as filled PA 6.6.

PX 2017 HT

Used by casting for the production of prototype parts and mock-ups whose mechanical properties are close to ABS or filled PP. Thermoplastic-like resistance in temperature (TG > 180°C). Almost no change of mechanical properties after ageing under temperature. Good resistance to automotive fluids (except brake liquid). According to its exceptional compatibility with silicone moulds it’s possible to achieve easily 50 castings in a mould without deterioration.

PX 527: ABS-Like, PC-Like

Like ABS type or PC. Good impact and flexural resistance. Clear aspect. Can be easily coloured with CP pigments.

PX 220

Pure white resin similar to PS Choc. For all parts requiring good impact resistance even with thin sections. Easy to make resistant clips or all parts submitted to stress, as piece of working mechanisms.

PX 226

Off white resin similar to high flexural modulus ABS or ABS/PC blends. Suitable for low tension electrical equipments like casings for circuit breakers or switches as well as for House hold appliances parts; coffee machines, vacuum cleaner and casings for medical equipments. Also in long pot life version of 8 minutes for large parts.

PMMA-Like, Acrylic-Like Material, Transparent Material

PMMA, also known as acrylic, is a transparent plastic thatis strong and shatter-resistant. PMMA-Like vacuum casting material has a high degree of clarity, and is suitable for applications of transparent prototypes.

PX 521 HT
PX 522 HT
PX 225
ReferencesHardness (shore)Strength (MPa)Elongation (%)Tg (°c)Colour
Axson PX 522 HT87D75MPa9%110°ctransparent
Axson PX 521 HT87D75MPa9%110°ctransparent
AXSON UPX 521083D65 – 70 MPa15 – 20%80°ctransparent
Axson PX 22580D70MPa15%80°ctransparent
Hei-Cast 8744, 8744LP82D60MPa30%90°cColorless
Hei-Cast 875185D65MPa15%80°cColorless
Hei-Cast 875285D70MPa25%80°cColorless

PX 522 HT : PMMA-Like, Acrylic-Like

 Key features:

  • High transparency
  • Easy to sand and polish
  • Good UV resistance.
  • Good thermal resistance


Dedicated to thin technical prototypes up to 10 mm, like lenses for headlights, traffic lights, light tubes, transparent covers, etc. The same properties as PMMA, cristal PS, MABS.

PX 521 HT : PMMA-Like, Acrylic-Like

 Key features:

  • High transparency (water clear) 
  • Easy polishing 
  • High reproduction accuracy 
  • Long term UV stability


Dedicated for glass, art, decoration sectors and crystal glass like parts. Could be cast with or without vacuum casting machine in 50 mm thickness.

When long term ageing is required please use PX 521 HT as the best offer for UV stability.

PX 225 : PMMA-Like, Acrylic-Like

 Key features:

  • High impact resistant
  • Good impact and flexural resistance
  • Very easy coloring with all kind of pigments
  • Low viscosity for easy casting


Technical transparent parts simulating polycarbonate. All parts simulating mass tinted ABS.


UPX 5210 : PMMA-Like, Acrylic-Like

 Key features:

  • For crystal glass like parts.
  • High transparency (water clear)
  • Easy polishing
  • High reproduction accuracy
  • Good UV resistance
  • Low shrinkage


Transparent prototype parts up to 50 mm in thickness : crystal glass like parts, fashion, jewellery stained glass repair, art and decoration parts.

Hei-Cast 8744・8744LP : PMMA-Like, Acrylic-Like

 Key features:

  • It has excellent transparency
  • It is difficult to yellowing
  • It has elongation
  • Excellent impact resistance
  • Excellent defoaming performance

Hei-Cast 8751 : PMMA-Like, Acrylic-Like

 Key features:

  • excellent transparency
  • good process-ability
  • long pot-life
  • low viscosity

Rubber-Like Flexible Material

UPX 8400
PX 761
ReferencesHardness (shore)Strength (MPa)Elongation (%)Tg (°c)Colour
Axson UPX 840020A-85A6-22MPa450-660%80°coff white
Hei-Cast T038730A-80A1.5-40MPa260-300%60°cClear
Hei-Cast 843475A-90A10-22MPa230-260% Black
Hei-Cast 847735A1.1MPa180% Colorless transparent
Hei-Cast 847950A1.4MPa120% Colorless transparent

UPX 8400 : Rubber-Like

 Key features:

  • Adjustable hardness Shore A 20 – 85,
  • Easy to pigment
  • Outstanding strength.


Dedicated to achieve rubber like prototype parts for all sectors of activities.

Hei-Cast T0387: Rubber-Like

T0387 is a three component transparent polyurethane elastomer designed for vacuum casting.

  • Cured material is transparent.
  • Any desired hardness in a range from Shore A 30 to 80 can be obtained through the combined use of “component C” in different ratio.

Flame Retardant (UL 94 V-0) Material

UL 94 V-0 PART
UL 94 parts
ReferencesHardness (shore)Strength (MPa)Elongation (%)Tg (°c)Colour
Hei-CAST 826383D68MPa15%80°cWhite
Axson Px33087D70MPa3.0%100°cOff-White
BJB TC-891 FR80 ± 2D42MPa21% White/Opaque
PTM&W PT895285 D73Mpa24.5%100°cClear

Hei-Cast 8263 : UL94 V-0

 Key features:

  • Well-balanced physical properties
  • Difficult-inflammability
  • Excellent dimensional stability


Hei-Cast 8263 is flame retardant type cast material for the manufacture of prototypes which require UL94 V-0 and 5VA specification. Hei-Cast 8263 is also suited for short run production.

Axson PX 330: UL94 V-0

 Key features:

  • Self-extinguishing
  • Good thermal properties
  • Fast demoulding
  • Can be easily coloured with CP pigments


It is for making prototype parts with mechanical properties similar to filled ABS when requiring a fire classification.

BJB TC-891 FR : UL94 V-0

 Key features:

  • UL 94V-0 Listed, flammability rating at 1/16” thickness
  • Very low shrinkage
  • Exceptional physical properties.
  • RoHS/REACH compliant


BJB TC-891 FR is 80 Shore D Flame Retardant material. It’s great for casting dispensing electronic enclosures, or any parts requiring flame retardant characteristics.

PTM&W PT8952: UL94 V-0

 Key features:

  • Excellent fire retardant characteristics
  • UL 94V-0 at 0.1 inch (2.6 mm) thickness
  • Very high strength(Impact, tensile, flexural)


PT8952 provide a tough, impact-resistant material for the production of durable short run and prototype parts.


PP-Like, HDPE-Like Material

PP part
PP part-container
ReferencesHardness (shore)Strength (MPa)Elongation (%)Tg (°c)Colour
Hei-Cast 855076D34MPa72%70°cWhite translucent/Black
Hei-Cast 857085D50MPa35%90°cWhite / Black
Axson UP 569087 -83D25-35MPa50% – 90%60°c-85°cWhite/Opaque

Hei-Cast 8550: PP-Like

 Key features:

  • Low in Young’s modulus in flexure and high in elongation.
  • It provides a color shade similar to that of original PE and PP articles.
  • It offers a long pot-life and is therefore suited for the molding of large-sized articles.


Hei-Cast 8550 is a vacuum casting material developed for the manufacture of PE and PP prototypes.


Hei-Cast 8570: PP-Like

 Key features:

  • High flexural modulus.
  • The heat-resistant temperature is 90°C
  • It has a long service life.
  • Flexibility can be imparted by adding C component.


High-cast 8570 is for vacuum casting prototype of tough PP products, such as interior and exterior parts for automobiles. It also suitable for making large cast products.

Axson UP 5690: PP-Like

 Key features:

  • Flexural modulus adjustable
  • High elongation
  • High impact resistance, no breakable
  • Good flexibility


Casting for production of prototype parts and mock-ups having mechanical properties like PP and HDPE, such as instrument panel, bumper, equipment box, cover and anti-vibration tools.


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