What Is Low-Volume Manufacturing?

low volumn manufacturing 1

Low volume manufacturing is a specialised service that provides full production-quality parts in quantities typically limited to 100,000 pieces or less, depending on the process used.

This is a popular option for many product categories because it allows for a low investment in tooling and materials while providing quick market access and a quick response to shorter product life cycles.

the advantage of low volume manufacturing

How can low-volume manufacturing help your company?

low-volume manufacturing

The benefits of low volume manufacturing make it an ideal bridge between prototype and full-scale production for a wide range of industries and products.

To begin with, when compared to full-scale production, low volume manufacturing reduces the cost of tooling without requiring any minimum orders. Some special materials are suitable for low volume manufacturing even if the quantity exceeds 100,000 sets. The cost advantage of low volume manufacturing is obvious for a single request to produce hundreds to thousands of products.

Second, low volume manufacturing is highly adaptable, with products that can be adjusted and modified at any time in response to consumer and market feedback. Such adjustments and modifications are difficult to achieve once the product has been mass-produced. If there are any flaws, they can be corrected quickly.

Third, the timeliness advantage of low volume manufacturing can assist customers in getting products to market faster, which is critical in some industries.

Finally, low volume manufacturing can effectively avoid potential problems in the mass production process by verifying full-scale production of the product at the lowest cost.

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